Heinz Martin Breuer started to work as an artist in the 90s.

In the year 2000 he decided to make art his profession and furthered his study at the Art Academy Duesseldorf, where he graduated as the master student of Joerg Immendorff  in 2008.

During his studies he spent a long time in China, driven by the curiosity about China's dynamic society.

Breuer is inspired by the philosophy behind traditional chinese ink paintings and he tries to translate this mindset into western techniques. 

He organised several exhibitions in Europe and China by bringing chinese artists to Europe and inviting western artists to China.

He took part in museum shows and art fairs throughout Asia and Europe and is represented by Vera Gliem Gallery  (www.vera-gliem.de)



Art is the meta-level.

Any community in order to evolve and develop needs to absorb the strange and yet unknown.

Whether it is embracing or condemning, the process itself generates an awareness of one's very own identity and therefore the culture.

This process accelerates paralell to the growth and speed of information. Like the Letterpress printing led to humanism and industrialisation,digitalisation and the internet is the driving force behind globalisation.

In a globalised society it is now possible to live several cultural identities in one single lifespan. Crossing and overlayering the heritage of various models of mankind ,their values and symbolic systems.

The global mind has already existed for several decades due to worldwide trade, it's due to shape it and define it's content.

Since art doesn't follow rules and is beyond explanations it affects people, regardless of their educational backgrounds.

Art is meta-communication.


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